20 Reasons Why You Would Not Have Kissed Shakespeare (Or Anyone Else In The Middle Ages)

#9. Stinky cesspits.

The sewage system was not proper so people had to make do by burying much of their waste in a cesspit in the garden or cellar. Since the people didn’t empty them often enough, the stench was unbearable during summer months.

Stinky cesspits.

#10. Poster beds with canopies were necessary.

Houses had thatched roofs, so it was common for bird, bugs, and other pest droppings to fall onto the clean bedding and everywhere else. Poster beds with canopies were invented to catch the disgusting droppings and keep the beds clean.

Poster beds with canopies were necessary.

#11. Furry eyebrows

People were fashion-conscious back then and if their eyebrows did not look fashionable, they glued on some mouse skin to make improvements.

Furry eyebrows

Brian Kellett

#12. Lead-lined water tanks.

The main water supply came from domestic pipes lined with lead and elm trunks. Water was stored in large lead tanks and often became stagnant.

Lead-lined water tanks.

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