20 Reasons Why You Would Not Have Kissed Shakespeare (Or Anyone Else In The Middle Ages)

#13. People wore wigs.

Lice and nits were common back then. Most of the wealthy people shaved their heads and wore periwigs instead. But the periwigs were usually infested with bugs too, especially during plagues.

People wore wigs.

#14. The cure for baldness.

A 17th century publication by Peter Levens gave instructions on how to cure baldness and thinning hair. Men were told to combine chicken droppings with potassium salts, and then spread the mixture on the balding area.

To remove unwanted hair from any area of the body, a paste consisting of cat dung, eggs, and vinegar was applied to the area.

The cure for baldness.

#15. Hats weren’t just fashionable, they served a purpose.

Men often didn’t take their hats off for a meal, not because they were rude, but it kept the head lice from falling into their plates.

Hats weren't just fashionable, they served a purpose.

#16. They didn’t use forks.

Some members of the church condemned using forks. They believed that God would not have given them fingers if He wanted them to use forks.

They didn't use forks.

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