20 Reasons Why You Would Not Have Kissed Shakespeare (Or Anyone Else In The Middle Ages)

#17. They didn’t have napkins.

They used bread to wipe their face and fingers.

They didn't have napkins.

#18. The floors were filthy.

Straw and rush was used to cover up the natural dirt floor of homes and other buildings. This was one of the biggest sources of infection as people did not change the bottom of the rushes and just the top layer.

The floors were filthy.

#19. Most people had brown teeth.

From accounts in history, even the wealthiest and most royal of people had brown teeth. They chewed herbs to freshen breath, rinsed their mouths with water to remove gunk and rubbed their teeth with cloth to wipe leftover food particles from their mouths.

Most people had brown teeth.

#20. King James VI

King James VI of Scotland wore the same clothes for months.He wore the same hat 24 hours a day until it fell apart. He thought bathing was bad for his health, so he didn’tbathe either.

See why nose-gays were all the rage back then?

King James VI

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