29 Photos That Prove Life On Earth Is Stranger (And More Amazing) Than You Ever Imagined.

#8. Tibetan Mastiff

One of the largest breeds in the world, the Tibetan mastiff is native was originally domesticated by nomadic tribes in Tibet, India, and China.

Tibetan Mastiff


#9. Bismuth Crystals

Bismuth is a naturally occurring crystal. Yes, that’s right: It just looks like this.

Bismuth Crystals

nick ford

#10. Panda Ant

This insect has only been spotted a few times, and it’s actually a variety of wingless wasp. It is rumored to have an incredibly potent sting.

Panda Ant

Chris Lukhaup

#11. Velvet Ants

Female velvet ants are actually wingless wasps with lush, bright-colored hair on their bodies.

Velvet Ants

Kerry Wixted

#12. Eastern Long-Necked Tortoise

This tortoise is side-necked, which means that it hides its neck and head sideways into its shell instead of pulling it inward.

Eastern Long-Necked Tortoise

Ian Sutton

#13. Pineapple Field

One of the many incredible sights in Kerala, India.

Pineapple Field


#14. Starfish Eggs

Starfish have extremely complex life cycles, and they can reproduce both asexually and sexually.

Starfish Eggs

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