29 Photos That Prove Life On Earth Is Stranger (And More Amazing) Than You Ever Imagined.

#15. Belgian Blue Bull

These enormous beef cattle are “double-muscled” due to an increased number of muscle fibers.

Belgian Blue Bull


#16. Baby Kangaroo

Here, we have a rare peek at a baby kangaroo inside its mother’s pouch.

Baby Kangaroo

National Geographic

#17. Royal Antelope

Also known as the pygmy antelope, this little guy is actually full-grown.

Royal Antelope

Ken Bohn / San Diego Zoo

#18. A Living Rock

Pyura chilensis might look like a fancy stone, but it’s actually a sea creature, an edible delicacy in Peru in Chile.

A Living Rock


#19. The Everlasting Storm

In Venezuela, this storm occursup to 160 nights per year, for 10 hours per day. The storm collects at the mouth of the Catatumbo River.

The Everlasting Storm

#20. Sarcastic Fringehead

This fish looks relatively normal when it’s not threatened. However, should a predator approach, the sarcastic fringe head lets loose and shows off its chops.

Sarcastic Fringehead


#21. Red Crab Migratio

Every year in the fall, 120 million crabs on Christmas Island, Australia, begin to migrate to the ocean to find a mate. In fact, traffic on the island is halted to let the crabs pass.

Red Crab Migratio


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