All about Green Tea

Green tea is produced using Camellia sinensis leaves that does not go through shrinking and oxidation process like that of black or oolong tea. And it is one of the most consumed beverage with so many health benefits., Even some researches has discovered that green tea is wealthy in minerals and nutrients that increase its antioxidant potential to diminish your risk for heart disease and specific sorts of tumors. This antibacterial tea helps in weight reduction, exhibits anti-aging properties, and improves oral health.

Look at the infographic underneath to perceive any reason why you should start drinking it.


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Green tea is considered to have started in China. It is said that even today “tea” in China refers just to green tea, not to the general class of tea as it does in the West. China’s Yunnan territory is viewed as the first home of the Camellia sinensis plant species. In fact, about 260 varieties of tea can be found in Yunnan.

One well known legend recommends that Shennong, Emporor of China and creator of Chinese medicine, found tea as a drink around 2737 BC when new tea leaves from an nearby tea tree fell into some simply bubbled water.

Others credit different Buddhists during the 500s BC and consequent hundreds of years for the exposure of tea. Buddhists would go among India and China spreading their religion, culture and custom of tea. Buddhist priests developed, gathered and delivered tea much like their Catholic partners in European monasteries did with grapes and wine. The priests’ habit for tea drinking for physical refreshment, to help meditation and as a substitute for alcohol formed into an spiritual and social practice that spread crosswise over China.

It is professed to have been promoted in Japan around 1190, when a Zen minister visiting and considering in China’s extraordinary Buddhist monasteries and sanctuaries came back to Japan with tea plant seeds and hedges. The youthful priest, called Eisai, applied his experience developing and savouring tea in China to advance the method for tea as a meditation ritual inside his very own location of Buddhist priests, unavoidably spreading the custom of tea drinking all through the rest of Japan. Right up ’til today, China and Japan are the main two delivering and exporting countries in the world.

Why green tea?

It has been utilized as a prescription for a huge number of years, beginning in China however generally utilized all through Asia, this refreshment has a large number of benefits from lowering blood pressure to preventing cancer.

The reason that tea has more medical advantages joined to it than black tea is because of the processing. Black tea is handled in a way that takes into account ripening while green tea’s does not go through the aging procedure. Subsequently, it holds most extreme amount of cancer prevention agents and poly-phenols the substances that give green tea its several advantages.

Some of the advantages of this are mentioned below:-

Diabetes Prevention

This can improve cells so they can ingest sugar better, improving diabetes symptoms. It likewise works uncommon for diabetics since it improves the metabolic system work. Furthermore, green tea polyphenols control glucose levels in the body, cutting diabetes possibility.

Promoting of Bone Health

This improves bone strength and weakens the movement of osteoclasts. Osteoclasts are a kind of cell that reabsorbs bones as opposed to surrounding it. The catechins blocks the activities of osteoclasts and increase the amount cells that shapes bones osteoclasts.

Improves Eyesight

It has a different element called cancer prevention agents. These synthetic element help destroy free radicals which cause harms connected to infections. These cancer prevention agents incorporate substances like nutrient C, lutein and they secure the body against different illnesses particularly eye infection.

Sound Skin

It upgrades your skin’s flexibility and aides in flushing out poisons which make your skin solid. It has mending properties for the skin which help in improving scars and imperfections on your skin making your skin shine. It shrinks veins around the sensitive zones of your eyes and is utilized to treat dark circles and puffy eyes.

Stronger Immune System

It’s nothing unexpected that the cancer prevention agents in green tea can help prevent infections, however drinking this may even improve teeth and gum health. In fact, men who routinely drink green tea are less likely to have periodontal illness.

Contamination Prevention

It protects the body from urinary tract impurities and animates kidney health and capacity. The antimicrobial impacts of green tea on E.Coli help keep your gut decent and clean. Green contains high measures of ECGC, which kills the microscopic organisms in the urinary tract.

Reduce the Risk of Stroke

Drinking green tea consistently lessens the danger of stroke. Individuals who drank green tea consistently had roughly 20-30% lower chance for one kind of stroke, contrasted with the individuals who did not or only from time to time drank it. Adding green tea to your everyday diet is a little yet positive way of life change you can make to live more.

Reduce the Risk of Arthritis

The high fluoride levels in green tea help avoid and decrease the danger of rheumatoid joint pain. It does as such by blocking the compound that destroys the cartilage. Green tea additionally helps protect the thickness of the bone and in this way keep them solid.

Best Time to Drink

The timing for your green tea relies upon the reason for which you are taking it. This is taken for different reasons. A few people drink green tea so as to get more fit while others just take it on account of its cancer prevention agents and other medical advantages. Here are a few proposals dependent on different research discoveries.

    • More in summer, less in winter
    • Two hours prior or after a dinner
    • At least two hours before sleep time
    • Two to three containers daily are the cut-off
    • Regular utilization combined with exercise helps weight reduction

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