Arlo Pro Best home security review

Arlo Pro Best home security review

When we found squatters settling in here, we wanted to keep an eye on what was going on. It is indoor / outdoor security camera  best solution home security system and we decided to try Arlo Pro from Netgear.

Arlo Pro Camera Specs

  • Resolution of the image 1280p x 720p
  • Camera size 3.1 x 1.9 x 2.8 “
  • Multi-user capabilities Yes
  • Motion detection Yes
  • Sound detection Yes
  • Bidirectional communication Yes
  • HD video Yes
  • 130 ° field of view
  • 8x Zoom
  • Pan and tilt only
  • Night Vision 850 nm LED
  • Weatherproof IP65 certified
  • Snow
  • Rain
  • Heat
  • Mobile control application
  • Content Storage Cloud, 7 business days included, free
  • Telephone alert methods
  • E-mail
  • 1 year warranty

Arlo included in the box

Here’s an overview of what you can expect when you buy your Arlo Pro security camera.

  • Wire-free HD camera with in audio sound
  • Including Camera power adapter
  • The Power cable of the  security camera
  • Magnetic wall to the bracket
  • Screw set for the  wall mounting
  • Quick Start Guide of security system
  • Window decal f rechargeable battery


We ordered an additional security camera, which means that it is not accompanied for a base station. The base station comes with in Ethernet cable, a window sticker and a power adapter. Netgear Arlo pro offers a variety of packages including two to four cameras and the base station.

Evaluated the camera Arlo

Because the Arlo security camera is designed for indoor / outdoor use. We started by placing the camera on a porch edge. The camera was easy to spot, so we brought it home.

When a moved the camera inside, we wanted to know going to dogs and cats. They are few different places and we finally settled on a desk in the hallway that offered a full lounge. We also tested the in Arlo camera in different lighting conditions.

We examined for the following criteria: characteristics, design, easy of use, for alerts and costs.

Arlo camera Characteristics

We have identified the important features Arlo pro camera that people are looking for in a wire free security system and compared them to those of Arlo Pro. In addition, we evaluated the performance of the Arlo camera in each everywhere area.


The  design, we compared Arlo pro camera to other similar cameras. we received the box, we to the evaluate easy the Arlo pro camera was to use. We looked at everything from getting out of the box, setting up the app, pairing the security camera to the base station, and using the app when everything was ready to view monitoring system.

Arlo Pro Camera by Features

This  Arlo pro camera includes everything you required from a wire-free security camera. It’s tough enough to withstand for the bad weather, includes two-way communication and an intuitive, easy-to-use app. Since the Arlo pro uses to both motion detection and sound, the camera does not depend on to the motion to trigger a notification. It was very helpful to see what was happening in the and to see if our animals were getting hurt.

Arge view range

We were amazed by everything we could see, whether it was watching the squatters behind our house, watching the snowplow activity at a dead end, or spying on pets while we dined. It is little baby gave us a complete overview of the which helped me catch our snowplow company that was trying to charge us for plowing after all the snow had melted of security camera.

We also you have full view of the backyard, but seeing behind of the abandoned property behind  required a different type of mount. Inside, we could see the entire room in which we had placed the camera. Unfortunately for our puppy, this means that we caught him in the act of jumping on the couch to fall asleep after making sure we were leaving.

Large microphone

The big surprise was the best quality and range of the built-in microphone. He could pick up the clatter of the dog’s nails on the hardwood floors just as clearly as the steps of the neighbors who were crossing the street to get to their car in the morning. We also tried to talk to the dog (and to each other) and our messages were received loud and clear.

One of the things we learned is that once you turn on the two-way chat feature in the app, you need to turn it off manually. The transmission stops by itself, which has left an echo everywhere in the house the first time we tried it.

Excellent night vision

I did not expect much from the camera after dark, but the night vision images of this security camera were clear and crisp. Whether the camera is outdoors or in the home, it automatically adjusts to the brightness level to provide the best image quality. Sometimes, middle-of-the-night video was in color, but in black and white, and I could never understand what made the difference.

Everyday Use

At this point, I am able to use this security system for about 4 months. So I think I have a good impression of what works and what does not work. As far as everyday use is concerned, the Arlo Pro  system is excellent.

Excellent, I mean it is very easy and convenient to inquire while you are traveling. Whether you are in another room or in another state, your monitored life is no more than an app at your fingertips. Package delivered to the front door? An alert will push on your phone. You can reprimand them via the two-way intercom (do not shout too loud, it’s a simple pet, of course).

I came out of the city a few times during this review period and was able to experience the system and the application on LTE rather than Wi-Fi and, apart from some delays expected in the initiation of flows in direct via cellular data, everything went perfectly. Being able to watch live images of your living room or cat while queuing for Space Mountain at Disney World gives you incredible peace of mind.

And this can become somewhat addictive, while recording and playing video clips. You just have to be careful because all this application use can have a big impact on your cell phone bill.

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