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How to Build a RC Helicopter for Beginners

There is a growing popularity of RC helicopters, and many varieties have been available lately. You may find it difficult to find the perfect one, but finding the right one is not so difficult if you know what to look for. We can help you find the Most Popular RC helicopter for beginners.

Whether you want a type of RC helicopter for indoor or for an outdoor model with many channels and features, it can be difficult to get the perfect one for you.

Flying RC helicopter is really very exciting. Its versatility gives a RC pilot complete access to three-dimensional space in such a way that no other machine can! I have played in the RC helicopter for over a year, but I still find that I have just learned some tricks that I can perform.

Syma S107 Mini RTF RC Helicopter:

Syma has a reputation for making RC helicopters of high performance and high quality. The Syma S107 is very affordable, however, it is of excellent quality and has a good performance. This guy is the best guy to introduce you to the world of the RC helicopter. The s107 has a durable metal frame, an internal turn that guarantees stability and is easy to control.

This model is really suitable only for indoor flights, only a little wind influences this helicopter and makes it difficult to control. It also has three complete channels: up, down, left, right, forward and backward. It uses 3.5-channel technology. With these incredible features, the Syma s107 is among the best RC helicopters for beginners.

Ifly Heli Metal RTF RC Helicopter:

Unlike most RC helicopters, the iFly does not come with a remote control transmitter. Only one iDevice is required to control the use of an application that can be downloaded for free.

If you love tablets and phones, then this is a perfect option. This type has a hard and durable frame, easy to control, internal Gyro and is ready for acrobatics. It has a 3.5 channel control. The model is electrically powered and comes with a 3.7v rechargeable battery. It is also compatible with Android.

Amosting 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter:

If you prefer to have a larger RC helicopter, then you should definitely check out the Amosting RC helicopter. This helicopter has perfect dimensions for a helicopter for beginners, which is also one of the largest available in the markets.

This beast will surely attract everyone’s attention. It will not be difficult for you to control this helicopter, and at no time you can perform incredible stunts easily. Not only is it easy when it comes to flying, it is also tough and durable. It has an internal turn that guarantees excellent stability. It has a 3.5 channel control. You can ascend and descend, move forward and backward, turn left or right and move.

It also has hi-lo speed control. This helicopter is suitable for flying indoors and outdoors. It has a multicolor LED light that allows you to fly at night. The charge takes only 30-50 minutes and the flight time is 8 minutes and can be charged using a controller.

Lutema Avatar Hovercraft:

This model is the best RC helicopter for beginners, as it is by far the most stable on the market. The Lutema hovercraft will not disappoint you, as it turns out to be a pleasure for the crowd. It measures 8 inches long and uses 4-channel technology. Compared with other RC helicopters, the Lutema hovercraft has a fully functional aircraft, and its stability is second to none.

You will love this RC helicopter as it can maneuver in all directions and also spare parts are widely available. It is perfect for the beginner as it will still be fun to fly even when their skills have improved. In general, this helicopter is easy to control and it is known that Lutema products are of high quality and more durable.


The characteristics of each and every one of these remote control helicopters make them a perfect option for beginners. With its construction and controls, you will find them all easy to fly. If you have never flown before, of course, it will be difficult at first.The above selections are some of the best options out there.

Here are some other features to look for. Obviously, you will prefer good performance, therefore, look at the age range of the model, the number of channels available on the remote control, the number of blades, the types of batteries, etc. get the experience The moment you become familiar with flying an RC helicopter correctly, you will want to update and select those with more capabilities and features.

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