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Top 10 Attracting Destinations for Visit in India

India is a land of colors. With the varied geography within its borders, this country has a diverse beauty, wherever you travel. Some months and certain targets are very vivid with colors, while some still bubble in sepia mode. Remote places for rejuvenation and romantic vacations tend to be minimalist in their liveliness and, on the other hand, classic cultural destinations will thrive with colors. Here are the 10 most Famous Destinations for Visit in India

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The festival of Holi is called Shigmostav in Goa. Festivals begin with prayers to the village gods and goddesses. It is the largest festival for Hindus and spans two weeks. The parades take place on the last five days of the festival. Shigmostav is highlighted by performances of troops in the form of parades and cultural dramas. The celebrations reach the fifth day on the fifth day, when Gulal is used to color all. Most festivals focus mainly on Panjim, Vasco and Margao. The main beaches of Goa are also colorful on Holi Day, as many locals and tourists gather on the banks to play with colors.


Jaipur India visiting place

This city has a pink hue in every element. Since the visit of King of Wales, the Jaipur is in this makeover and has an iconic touch. Nothing can pull pink perfectly like Jaipur. From the city palace to the iconic Hawa Mahal, each element has a pink hue and a royal beauty. As if the pain were not enough, the city is also very colorful culturally. If you want to experience the height of the colors, visit a religious festival. Explore this city with the most popular Deccan Odyssey Luxury Train. However, you must check the Deccan Odyssey facilities, price, schedule, history, general information, etc. before planning your trip.

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Mumbai India visiting place

Located by the sea, Mumbai is India’s most cosmopolitan metropolis and was once known as Bombay. It is also the largest city in India and undoubtedly the financial center of the country. With endless exploration, the city’s main attraction is the Gateway of India, built in 1911 to commemorate a royal visit.


Varanasi India visiting place

This is one of the oldest cities in the world. Thanks to this city, the ancient culture flourishes in the country. This city is lined with colorful temples on the banks of the velvet blue Ganges River. The locals perform daily rituals of various kinds. In Varanasi numerous colorful rituals with cinematic effects take place. When the evening approaches, the city is flooded with light, which puts you in a state of trance.

Rann of Kutch

Rann Of Kutch India visiting place

Rann of Kutch is probably the most beautiful thing you’ll ever see. Rann of Kutch lies between the endless Thar Desert and the mighty Arabian Sea and is a fascinating wonder of sand and salt. At full moon nights the desert shines like a diamond and brings an unreal peace with it. Cultural programs take place on full moon nights, tents are set up and the wondrous land is yours for the night. Really one of the most fascinating sights in Gujarat.

In the winters Rann von Kutch is the home of the flamingos, who come here from Siberia! The white desert is held in a delicate pink tone and offers the opportunity to enjoy the proximity to these fugitive birds and many others. But Rann Mahotsav is the best time to visit Gujarat, where Rann of Kutch is alive with music, cultural shows, dances, food, camel safaris and craftsmen.


Jodhpur - Rajasthan India visiting place

If Pink could give the city a certain sophistication, how about blue? The city of Jodhpur is bathed in blue. There are many reasons for that. Some prefer the history of blue as the royal color, which was only used in the buildings of royal houses and Brahmins. Later, when the kingdom rule fell, the locals began to paint their buildings blue. Another story speaks of blue mosquitoes. Although the reason is unknown, the place is a great blue paradise that you can observe from the top of Mehrangarh Fort.


Meghalaya India visiting place

If you stay closer to nature, the place becomes more colorful. How many greens are there in your opinion? The constant rain in Meghalaya gives the already lush region more beauty. The crystal-clear waterfall, emerald-green fields and lush forests add a new dimension to a colorful holiday.


kolkata India visiting place

Kolkata, a charming town for the unsuspecting traveler, has long been known as the cultural capital of the country and is still home to some of the best poets, film producers, writers, and Nobel Prize winners. It is a city of contrasts, where you will see run-down but beautiful British Raj houses, historic colleges, and stunning gardens.


Ahmadabad India visiting place

Ahmadabad, the largest city in Gujarat, is probably the first place you visit to see some of the best tourist spots in Gujarat. It is a city of culture and rich heritage that makes it a must for people from all over the world. Attractions include Akshardham Temple Complex, Sabarmati Ashram and Kankaria Lake. The International Kite Festival is a must if you arrive during this amazing one-day festival. The sky swells with dragons, from gigantic to tiny, from simple to complex and bizarre, and from thread to rainbow-colored.


amritshar India visiting place

Amritsar was founded in 1577 by Ram Das and is an important hub of Sikh history and culture. The main attraction here is Harmandir Sahib, which was opened in 1604 and is still called the Golden Temple because of its beautiful gold decoration. The temple is the holiest of the many Sikh shrines of India (it also attracts many Hindus and people of other faiths). It was built in a mix of Hindu and Islamic styles. Its lower marble section features ornaments such as decorated floral and animal motifs. Large golden dome stands for a lotus flower, a symbol of purity for Sikhs. In addition to its magnificent design, visitors are equally impressed by the spiritual atmosphere of the temple. This effect is enhanced by the prayers that are constantly sung by the sacred Sikh book and transmitted throughout the building.

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Other colorful destinations can be found in Pondicherry, McleodGanj, Madurai, Kerela and others. India vacation is very colorful, even if you visit the most boring place in the country. Make sure you choose the right destination and the right time to enjoy the best colors during your vacation.

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