Romantic and unique date ideas to impress her or him

Romantic and unique First Date Ideas That Lead To Marriage

The first date is the very important stage of life. You can’t be so lazy and overlook this date ideas if you really want to impress a girl. You want to extend your relationship to lead it towards marriage you have to be very careful in selecting the theme for the first date. Plans must be executed nicely. Here we come to help you in finding the ways to help in choosing the right ideas to arrange the first date meeting. You have options to choose and select the right venue to lead your temporary relation into lasting relation. Here various First date ideas i hope you love.

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1-Romantic Walk

This is the one out of the box idea your girl would love to spend with. After a dinner or meal, take a romantic walk on the spot filled with nature’s side. Or else you can plan to walk in shopping malls or explore a new city nearby. Or else discover the love spot specially adorned with romantic strolls to walk. Hold your hand into her hand and tell her the secret why she is so special person of your life.

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2-Drinks at Bar

Sharing favorite drinks is a popular dating idea for the alcoholics. Find out the local bar serves different flavored alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. You can give a try to some new launched flavored cocktails and mock tails to make a mood. Draw a limit if you are in taking wine or any alcoholic drinks. Offer her a drink and ask her a question if she is completely ready to tie in relationship.

3-A movie

Both loves watching movie, you can rely on preparing a movie date for her. You have plenty of times to share with each other. Movie plan is good starter if you are bit worried and shy personality. Enjoy watching movie, eating popcorn and have conversation about movie afterwards. This will help to give a good start to your relationship.

4- Beach

Beach is an all-time favorite spot to enjoy romantic time. There is nothing wrong in it, holding her arms in your arms, passing romantic comments and utter your innermost feelings to her. Almost evening time is better, sit and relax on beach, enjoy watching sun sets in the horizon. Take some pictures to capture the date moment.


You can spend the private and intimate moments with the girl by setting the picnic plan. Have some camping things to go and enjoy. Set one tent, burn a fire, have some blankets to cover. Get some wine and snacks to enjoy. Enjoy watching the sun is setting down in mountains; embrace your partner in blanket to feel the warmth in winter. Well you can only do such type of favor when you are sure she is agree to spend the rest of life with you.

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6-Amusement Park

Amusement park is a nice place to help you setting the first date. You have the best time to embrace her and enjoying the roller coaster ride. Take a good advantage to show your strength by winning her a stuffed animal in game. It is a ten time better idea than spending a lonely time in the cafeteria.

7-Take a Bike Ride

A long distant travelling on bike ride is a pleasant experience. Hire an expensive bike which gives more comfort for long distant travelling. Get some food and water along with to avoid any trouble. pick some hilly areas or forest lands to enjoy passing through the fresh winds. It certainly makes the mood so you are no way wrong if you are setting a goal of bike ride for the first date.

8-Go to a Concert

You both are passionate for music; both love singing and dancing, attempt to book a concert ticket for her. Raise your hands enjoy screaming and singing along with the dating girl. Check out some festivals around to get registered for the free musical entry. You will get enough time to spend the hours musically.

If you have no time to plan a physical date send romantic flower online and share your innermost feelings with her.

The main purpose of setting romantic date is to give your relationship a chance to lead towards marriage. All first date ideas are exceptionally unique and thoughtful. The change in plan is a subject of interest. Some girls love to be in crowd, some girls love to be in quiet places. You can set up the romantic plans to make your first date the unforgettable date of life. All ideas are simple to follow and execute. Carry one single flower or chocolate box or teddy gift to win her heart.

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