Flooring Tile Patterns to Spruce up any Room

Flooring Tile Patterns to Spruce up any Room

Want something durable and stylish for the floor? Want to add glamour to the walls? Are you looking to add a dash of color? Ceramic tiles are perfect for achieving all of this and more. This durable material has been in use for centuries. They can instantly brighten up any room. You simply need to choose the right color, pattern and remodeling contractors in Mississauga. Whatever may be the look that you are going for in the room, there is a kind of tile out there that can help you.

Even though colors are important while choosing the tiles, another equally important aspect is the pattern in which the tiles are laid. Here are some designs that you should know about:

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Straight Lay or Stack Band Pattern

This is perhaps the simplest and most common pattern for laying tiles. The tiles are arranged in straight lines and aligned so that the grout lines form a grid-like pattern. This is best for a monochromatic look.

Diagonal Pattern

Turn the vertical lay pattern by 45 degrees, and you get the diagonal pattern. It is best for widening the appearance of the room at a particular angle. This is better suited for small rooms as it will help open up the floor space.

Basket Weave Pattern

Unlike the first above two patterns that used square tiles, this pattern requires rectangular tiles. Two tiles are placed side by side to create a square by the tile installers in Toronto. This pattern is then turned by 90 degrees and positioned adjacent to the first square. The process continues until the whole floor is covered. You can either top the entire floor with this pattern or include only a small area to create a focal point.

Pinwheel or Hopscotch Pattern

This pattern involves a smaller square tile surrounded by 4 large square tiles to create a pinwheel design. Choose different color’s for small and large tiles to create a unique design. Good tile installers in Toronto easily achieve this pattern.

Checkerboard Pattern

The black and white checkerboard design is a timeless classic that never goes out of style. Want something new? Try different colors or even alternating different texture in the same color.

Octagon and Dot Pattern

This is another classic style that can give your room a Victorian feel. Although black and white are the usual colors, you can put your spin on this evergreen pattern by choosing different colors.

Herringbone Pattern

This pattern has rectangular tiles arranged in a V pattern. This pattern suits smaller rooms or long rooms or corridors. The V can be arranged so that it is pointing in one particular direction. This can lead the eye and help pull focus on a specific wall or an art piece.

Patterned Tiles

Instead of getting plain tiles and arranging them in a specific pattern, why not get a patterned tile and organize it easy to create a unique look?

Make Your Rooms More Stylish with Ceramic Tiles

Every pattern is unique and can bring out the beauty of the room. Don’t want to use just one patter? Why not try matching it up with different patterns for the border and the central area? Irrespective of what design you choose, the final look rests on the workmanship of the installers. If you’re living around Toronto, Mississauga, Scarborough & GTA and looking for a local home remodeling contractors then Golden Look Tiles and Masonry Ltd are just what you need. They are experts in all masonry construction works, tiles installations, concrete walkways, driveways and will bring your dream of the perfect room to fruition.

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