How To Create Social Media Strategy In 8 Easy Steps

How To Create Social Media Strategy In 8 Easy Steps

A brand is like a seed, which will digitally sprout only if given the proper care and exposure. Businesses open and shut down on a daily basis. It is evidently noticed that your brand or company must have a strong digital presence to survive. It has been reportedly said that –

As of April 2018, the most popular social network platform Facebook has 2 billion users worldwide.

The 2nd most common social media platform used by marketers worldwide as of 2017 is Instagram.

326 million Twitter users in 2018

LinkedIn is used by 79% of B2B marketers as an effective source for generating leads.

These stats are proof that people are more alive & connected digitally. Keeping this in mind, it is very important to create a social media strategy for your brand. Marketers take each step with proper care to make sure they are visible, active and trending on social media. But how to start with your social media strategy, what is the most effective way of getting your social media engagement right and fruitful. Well, here is your guide to create a social media strategy in 8 steps –

Write a Management Summary

management summey

To begin with, write a summary to cover all the points that come to your mind while creating a social media strategy. The objective, long-term & short-term goal that you aim for and the target that needs to be achieved, most importantly how will you start, how & when will you implement each step, which particular social media platform are you targeting, what else can be done to generate more organic traffic for the brand, what is the expected engagement ratio. Everything that can be sum up together for social media marketing needs to be drafted in the management or executive summary.

Please note that this summary can further be used as a blueprint to check & implement strategies for a successful social media campaign & management.


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Competition Audit

Competition Audit

No one is your enemy but everyone is your rival. This is the thought you should keep in mind while doing business. Always perform an audit on your competitors. Keep a check on what they are doing, how they are doing, how you could have done it better. Try not committing mistakes and learn from your competitor’s mistake.

Today every business has started promoting their products & services through social media. There are many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram & twitter etc. through which you can create your business profiles and promote it to your targeted audiences. To get more engagement on your social media posts you have to market your business better than your competitors. Always keep tracking and create better content than your competitors. As Instagram is 2nd most common social media platform, you should know how to leverage instagrammability of your brand.

You get to understand all these from a proper competitors audit only. Moreover, it also helps you keep an eye on the emerging digital marketing trends.

Create Content

Everything that is present on social media is content one way or the other and trust me there are tons and tons of content, blogs, pictures, videos, posts, ads, links and articles present on the internet, so how does your content make a difference. More importantly, why would people like your content?

You need to work on your content with finesse & innovation, poor quality of content will not only sabotage the brand name but it will push the trust of your viewers & audience in jeopardy. By creating content you attract your target audience and take a step closer towards creating an inbound marketing plan.

You need to work on your content every day coming up with out of the box ideas & strategies that will help you understand what is trending and how can your content ace in it.


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Building a Brand Persona

The first thing your audience will do after coming across your website, viewing your brand or product, is to categorize it. Now that will either work in your favor or may not. It all depends on how you showcase your brand.

Let’s get one thing very clear, your social media strategy cannot be monotonous, not even for once. If you are doing what everyone else is doing where is the innovation in that?

Be more communicative about your brand and encourage participation from your audience, be interactive and build a brand persona in the mind of your audience. Your brand must be more than a product and service in the mind of your audience.

Observe your target audience

No brand can ever say that their product or website appeals to every single age group in society. It could be a food product, a furniture store and even a line of clothing. and none of them can have the same appeal and importance to all the age group, gender and people of society.

They all appeal to a certain age group and demographics. Your brand should be active and alive digitally. If it can’t speak for itself and if it can’t be expressive then frankly speaking there is no use to it.


The real action happens in this step, there was a specific time you took to jot down everything that comes to your mind, then you opted for the best possible decision, build a plan with it, started working on it and now you have to start implementing the strategies that once you thought you would.

So now this is the most critical part and you need to pay attention to detail. Your post, the content in it, the scheduling of it, keeping a track and doing a self-analysis every now & then. Each step has its own importance and works as a chain of activities in forming a good social media strategy.

Take participation and create content on subjects & topics people really don’t know about. If you can make your audience think, you are halfway there. It establishes you as a brand which thinks of people and has a sense of social responsibility.

Every post needs to be different, but at the same time, it should resemble the idea and convey the message of the brand. This is an essential ingredient of a good social media post.

Images, Hashtags & Links

Images, Hashtags & Links

Using hashtags increases engagement by up to 12%

Images can receive 150% more retweets on Twitter.

Every social media platform has a different way of promoting brands and as a digital marketer, you must know how to use them in the right way for your brands. The more your post & content are vivid and colorful. The more it meets the eyes of your audience.

These may look small add-ons but cannot be taken for granted.

Reputation Management & Maintenance

Okay, so you have reached to a certain number of followers and your content is good, you are trending on social media platforms. People do like, share and comment on your posts & videos. Now what?

Reputation management is the key to a brand’s goodwill. Now that you have reached to a target you need to evolve in yourself. A brand or company cannot master this trick once and for all, reputation management is a dynamic process which goes on changing and you as a marketer need to evolve with it.

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