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5 Easy Steps To Add Live Chat To WordPress Websites

A large number of people converting websites to WordPress are business owners. They access the platform to acquire an easily manageable interface or e-commerce store. Such users must know how to add live chat to WordPress websites. Installing this feature will help them in providing efficient customer support. They can resolve issues quickly as the feature enables answering client queries instantly. It will also help in improving the conversion rate of the interface. People looking to purchase a product will be encouraged to do so after clearing their doubts through the chat. Many customers are reluctant to drop emails or submit support tickets as they are put off by the lengthy process. Such users will also be encouraged to use the feature. Let’s see how WordPress users can install the feature on their websites.

1. Install the Live Chat Plugin

Plugins provide an easy way to extend the functionality of WordPress interfaces. These tools enable users to add the desired feature without needing to input any code. There is a huge number of plugins available for almost every conceivable functionality. Many of these utilities are available for free while users have to pay for others. We will also use a plugin to add the live chat features. This tool is officially called the “LiveChat – WP live chat plugin for WordPress”.

Install the Live Chat Plugin
Install the Live Chat Plugin

Access the admin dashboard of your WordPress website. Go to “Plugins> Add new”. Type the name given above in the search field. Locate the plugin among the search results and download its installation by clicking on the “Install Now” tab. It is open-source software and you do not need to make any payments. Once the installation is completed successfully, activate the plugin and move to the next step.

2. Create An Account With The Service

The plugin will work only after users create an account with the service. This can be done by visiting the website of the LiveChat service and making the registration. The procedure is simple and requires only basic information from people. Users are provided with a 30-day free trial after which they can subscribe to paid packages.

You will need to provide your business email along with your full name and password. Provide the details and click “Continue” to move to the next stage.

2. Create An Account With The Service

On the next, screen you will be asked to provide the URL of the website. Enter the link to the interface on which the feature will be added. You will also have to choose the nature of the purpose of the chat. Select one option from the given choices of “Sales” and “Support”. Continue to the next phase.

The service will then ask for some information about your business. It will want to know the industry in which the business is located and the number of people you have employed. You will also have to choose the kind of audience you are targeting. Hit the “Create Account” button after entering the details. Move to the next step of the process to add live chat to WordPress websites.


3. Connect The Plugin With The Account

You will now have to connect the plugin with your freshly-created account. Go back to the dashboard of your website. Locate LiveChat under the “Settings” option and click on it. A new screen will open on which you will see the option “Sign in with LiveChat”. Click on the link and you will be greeted with a pop-up. It will ask whether you want the plugin to access your account. Hit the “Allow” tab to establish the connection.

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The feature will now become active on your website.

4. Add Agents Through The Wizard

The tool provides a setup wizard which can be used to configure the chat on the website. Go to the LiveChat website and log into your account. You will be greeted with a prompt to start the wizard. Use it to add agents. These agents can be members of your support staff or any other personnel who will handle customer queries. Provide their names and email IDs and click the “Add Agent To LiveChat” button. Agents will be added to the feature.

5. Customize The Live Chat Feature

You will need to make some modifications so that the feature integrates seamlessly with the design scheme of the website. This can also be done through the wizard. Click on the gear icon in the menu in the left-hand panel. This will take you to the settings area. Click on the “Customization” tab under the “Chat Window” option. You can modify the color scheme or pick a new theme for the feature. The service allows users to choose the website’s logo or the agent’s avatar in the chat. Users also have the option to enable sounds.


Save all the changes and start chatting with your clients.


All kinds of website owners must know how to add live chat to WordPress websites. The feature will help them in interacting with visitors and improving the user experience of their interface.

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