Most Fragrant Flowers that are used in Perfume Products

Most Fragrant Flowers that are used in Perfume Products

Flowers are so versatile that they are both a wonderful gifting option as well as is a pretty home decor. It adds emotions and joy to your relationship and adds colour to your home. One can simply get cheerful looking at these beautiful blooms. There are flowers which are also fragrant and it can spread that pleasant aroma all over our home. This pleasant aroma helps us to light up one’s mood too. There are flowers whose natural fragrance is used in making perfumes. There are also flowers which are not aromatic at all. Thus here we are with a list of most fragrant flowers that are used in making perfume products.

1. Primrose

Primrose flower

These flowers are widely grown in Europe and come in many different colors. These flowers have beautiful foliage and also have a nice fruity scent. With the sweep of breeze it can make your home mildly fragrant with its fruity smell. Also this plant can be easily maintained and planted in containers too. Primrose oil is also used in making soaps and cosmetics.

2. Cananga Odorant

Cananga Odorant flower


These flowers are popularly known as Ylang-Ylang which is native to Australia and Asia. They are also called perfume tree because they emanate fragrance all round the year. It has the capacity of sending fragrance till far away distances. You can easily grow this plant if you live in a tropical region. Very popular essential oil is also made from this plant which can also be used for medicinal purposes.

3. Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley


This flower blooms its best in spring. Their structure in bell like and comes in different colours like white, pale and pink colours. They have the capacity to spread the fragrance in the whole area where they are planted. They require moist soil, so you have to water the plant as soon as the soil gets dried. It is a good ground cover plant as it is a low growing plant. You can make online flower delivery to your friends and relatives to convey your wishes on their different occasions.

4. Mock Orange

Mock Orange


This plant must be planted in winter as it is a cold weather plant and so it will bloom fine in spring. This flower spreads minty orange fragrance which influences the surroundings too bringing freshness in the atmosphere. This smell is very elegant for the living room and it can also work as mood energiser from the very start of the day for every family members. These flowers are native to Asia, Central America and Southeast Europe and its genus is of about 60 species.

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5. Freesia

Freesia flower


These flowers are native to South Africa. Freesias have charming and fruity fragrance. These flowers have a very sweet and strong smell which is pleasant and not overbearing. When you use these flowers as a home decor in a living room or bedroom, it has the capacity of spreading this fragrance all over your home. White and Yellow freesias are the most fragrant freesias.

6. Roses

Roses flower


Every one of us is well aware of the scent of roses. Dark colored rose like a red rose and a pink rose has this typical scent of rose. But light colored roses like yellow and baby pink has this very fruity smell like that of lemon or of violets. Thus as there are variety of different roses there is variety of different smells. Roses are like the queens of flowers, so if you love them or its fragrance you should definitely grow them in your garden or have potted rose plant in your living room. Send Rose online to love of your life and remind her how much you love her and also express your feelings to her with these romantic red blooms.

7. Gardenia

Gardenia flower


These flowers are considered to be one of the most fragrant flowers. It has a beautiful smell and the smell easily blends with the smell of the surrounding making your house pleasant smelling. Its fragrance is creamy as well as rich and this is what makes these flowers very popular. These flowers can be grown easily both in cold and tropics. They are these beautiful big white flowers with flaps like of roses with this heavenly odour. Their fragrance becomes very strong whenever it rains or a strong wind gushes through the plant of which lustful scent comes out.

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We hope now you have complete insights on the fragrant flowers used in making perfume products.

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