Advantages Of Using Nature Friendly Cosmetic Packaging

I peered at myself in the mirror and being the plucky that narcissist I really am, I couldn’t help gawking at my own flawless face that hasn’t aged since years. Despite the fact that I have spent forty beautiful summers of life, I look like Adaline Bowman, as quoted by my besties, the evergreen archangel of ageless beauty and the pristine perfection personified to the celestial faced protagonist in the fantasy packed movie, The Age of Adaline.

I love to experiment with makeup and skin emollients and look as gorgeous as I could. The very iconic celebrities such as Anna Hathaway, Gwyneth Paltrow. The very musky scent of body butters, lip glosses and lipsticks totally tantalize me, especially for the Mother Nature’s lovers sold by the evergreen labels that herald the love for nature such as the E.L.F.

The Advantages Of Using Nature Friendly Cosmetic Packaging Guest post Joyandshine


Do you like to use the Eco friendly form of cosmetic packaging? If you are a nature lover and feel obsessed with the very idea of obsessing over pretty cosmetics to look glamorous, here is the real deal of benefits that are garnered by using environmentally friendly cosmetic packaging. Since I love nature and I can really never think of harming Mother Nature in any possible manner, I always opt for the Eco friendly mode of packaged cosmetic products only.

If you also love to take care of your local flora and fauna just the way you love to pamper your skin with gorgeous cosmetics, then always go for the most recyclable form of packaging used to wrap cosmetic products.

friendly mode of packaged cosmetic products

Here are the five topmost benefits of using ecological cosmetic packaging:

1 – The Paradigm of Using Organic Formula

Go All Chemical free this year! Many mainstream beauty products use ingredients that in small doses don’t harbor the deleterious effects on our heath in a short span of time. however, in the long run, a constant use of using heavily artificial compounds on skin spoils its naturalness and makes it look aged and wilted, due to alcohol based ingredients that are very hazardous for the skin. Thus, one must always go for Eco friendly products only and ward off any mishaps of allergies and other unsafe chemical reactions triggered by artificial elements of the cosmetics. Hence, do not let you’re the delicateness of your skin tarnish by the excessive use of exaggeratedly produced cosmetic substances.

2 – The Eco friendly Cosmetics Do Not Rip Your Pocket!

It is never a wise idea to splash and squander your hard earned money on a few extravagant bottles and boxes of cosmetics and therefore, always opt for the Eco friendly products of cosmetics instead of using sumptuously priced products that are too lavish to afford.   You get what you pay for in product; instead of just getting appalled by an ostentatious packaging.

The Eco friendly products are often circulated with trivial advertising or packaging budget. The lushly packed products battle for attention with the swankiest form of packaging and posh advertisements.


3 – The Eco friendly Products Do Not Pollute the Earth:

Eco friendly cosmetic products are labeled as environmentally friendly because of the engineering process of the cosmetically packaged boxes. Cosmetic boxes are created using greener materials instead of exceptionally manufactured materials used for the laudable packaging. Consequently, with cleaner ingredients comes a better and a cleaner manufacturing. This means that there are lesser amounts toxins and pollutants that are being discharged into the air during the precarious manufacturing process of cosmetic packaging. Although, as some companies continue to prefer ecofriendly products, the carbon footmark of the plants still fluctuate greatly.

Some companies utilize the alternative energies to power the plants; others do not even use power bulbs. If you want the most ecofriendly product painted in recyclable hues from head to toe, you’ll need to do your research a bit more beyond the atypical ecofriendly label.


4 – The Eco friendly Cosmetic Packaging is Principally Biodegradable

It is always a good idea to use those materials that would perish easily and would not implicate their biodegradable effects onto nature. When it comes to choose a cosmetic pacakaging, one must keep an idea to choose a naively packaged cosmetic product than using a product which is lethal to use for a longer time. Plastics and other harmful packaging are used in rare amounts, in quite small doses, in the developing phase of the ecofriendly beauty products.

One of the prime movements in the gigantic beauty industry is the development of a colossally green technology for the purpose of the recyclable packaging. Some of the contemporary lovers of manufacturing technology have flourished the use of ecofriendly packaging by abandoning the archetypal use of recycled materials and preferring embedding seeds in wrappers and printing in soy ink!


5 – Use Cosmetic Products that Personify Safety:

Eco friendly products shelter the entire ploy when it comes to respecting our natural environment. An Eco friendly packaging maneuvers the ideas of refurnishing materials that are safe enough to be used on earth.  To put it in humbler words, it simply means these products are free of animal testing and animal byproducts. The countless environmental issues allocating with shoddier manufacturing standards also relieves to make seamless Eco friendly products put your personal ethics at bay and prefer what’s safer for you and your world by looking at the bigger picture.

One must always remember that a huge proportion of the products are made by bigger establishments. The outstanding products may tumble within ecological strategies, but the company may still harbor vaguer principles. If this is churned as a chief advantage for you, do a comprehensive research on available products and make sure their parent companies aren’t participating in any undertakings that do not cater to your qualms of refurbishing greener pastures in the form of packaging.

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