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Solo vacation: Perfect place to Travel Alone

With more than three quarters of Britons traveling alone or considering this in the future, traveling with the solo traveler is no longer a niche. But we are attentive to the many pleasures of traveling alone, and it is undeniable that the world looks different with one pair of eyes. The choice of destination can mean the difference between an incredible independent holiday and a less satisfying single stay. Here are the perfect place you must see and enjoy Your vacation Alone.


In Thailand, everything has started for travelers around the world, but this Southeast Asian idyll is still hard to beat when it comes to transformative solo travel, with courses in all areas from Thai cooking to massage, yoga and diving. A well-trodden route, which makes Thailand especially safe for female solo travelers.


From the famous city of Troy to the impressive archaeological ruins of Ephesus, the ancient treasures of Turkey will appeal to every single person. Learn more about the country’s past on Insight Vacations’ 11-day Wonders of Turkey Tour, which begins and ends in Istanbul. In addition to historical experiences, the trip also includes a stay in a cave hotel, a demonstration of pottery and a performance with whirling dervishes. Insight Vacations reduces or waives individual supplements on selected departures in summer and winter.


Melbourne is highly acclaimed for its live music, award-winning food and artistic culture and is by far one of the best places to travel alone. Referred to as the cultural capital of Australia, Melbourne captivates female solo travelers with leafy gardens, large parks, theaters, galleries, museums, expansive shopping and Victorian architecture. As an added bonus, Melbourne can also serve as a base for exploring other fantastic places in Australia, such as Philip Island, the Great Ocean Road and Grampians National Park.

Melbourne is also one of the safest places to travel alone for everyone. In fact, you can walk alone at night. In addition, Australia is an English-speaking country, which means that single travelers in Melbourne can easily navigate and navigate. If you ever need help, you can ask someone to persuade him and he will be glad to help you.


Relaxing beaches, temples, budget accommodation and dining are just a few of the main reasons why Bali is often considered one of the ultimate places for single women. With an amazing backpacking culture for young people, budget-conscious female travelers will always find someone to meet in Bali. And with all the distinctive beaches, you can bet there are some wonderful resorts for a bit of luxury in this tropical paradise. You will be so busy raising and enjoying the wonderful Balinese culture that you will forget that you are traveling alone.

5-Costa Rica

I cannot imagine a better place to travel alone than in Costa Rica. From the beautiful coastline to the rich rainforest to the majestic cloud forest, there is much to see, do and explore. Costa Ricans are famous for their relaxed pura vida attitude and their mind is as relaxed and welcoming as you can imagine. Costa Rica, one of the most bio diverse nations in the world, attaches great importance to the conservation of wildlife with a range of outdoor adventures on the menu and development offset by green energy such as hydro and wind power. This makes it a mecca for a certain sort of environmentally conscious adventurer, a true feel-good destination.

6-New York-USA

If there is a solo trip that is synonymous with the bull by the horn, that’s it: alone in the city with the highest octane number in the world. But you are never alone in this big anonymous city, you will never get bored and you will never notice. In New York, it does not matter who you are with. And such unreliability is contagious.

Every traveler lands in New York with a long do-do list, and solo travelers are making better progress. So go for a pretzel in Central Park, stroll through the art-lined walls of the Metropolitan Museum, walk Broadway and catch a world-class show, shop the big Fifth Avenue brands and vintage boutiques Williamsburg and soak in Tribeca in a chic urban spa like Aire Ancient Baths (

The city’s long established Bar top dining scene makes solo dining a laidback affair. With urban wineries in Brooklyn, classic Jewish delicacies in Manhattan, and virtually every national cuisine in any corner of the city, your taste buds will have an adventurous experience ahead. One of the delights of Manhattan is that so many of the city’s major cultural and artistic attractions are just a stone’s throw away, but it’s also just a breezy subway ride to any other neighborhood. Perhaps you will make a pilgrimage to the iconic jazz joint Minton’s (, where southern-style soul food such as smoked pork chops and bourbon cocktails are served to a soundtrack of former Minton players like Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis and Charlie Parker.


You can enjoy a meal in a Buddhist nunnery, take a night cruise in Halong Bay, and do a heart-pounding motorcycle tour of Hue on Intrepid Travel’s Vietnam Express Sound bound Tour. This 10-day journey, starting in Hanoi and ending in Ho Chi Minh City, is a solo version of one of the company’s most popular tours, so you’ll never feel like a third wheel. You will automatically be matched with a roommate of the same sex, unless you choose your own room, which costs only $ 200. This solo tour is available on specific dates between April and November.


When traveling alone, you can explore a variety of experiences without having to worry about whether your fellow traveler is interested in the same things or not. One of the best cities in the United States that offers a wide variety of activities is Portland, Oregon. While Portland is certainly not cheap – and summer hotel rates can be high – daily maintenance costs are lower than in other major US cities such as New York, Chicago and San Francisco. You will probably also find cheap apartments in the sprawling district of the city


High hill stations, beaches, historical monuments, golden desert, pilgrimage and rich wildlife. Many things make India an absolutely worthwhile destination. Travelers around the world love to visit India with friends, family, colleagues or that special person. Traveling alone is something you have to experience at least once in your life because it has its own beauty. They meet new people, explore new places, discover themselves, overcome their fears and enjoy freedom. So set out on your own and do not be afraid to visit India.

Here is the best ideas for travel alone. Every place is budget friendly and in suitable package. I hope you enjoy the place more that you imagine.

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