Prep Your Kitchen in 4 Ways for Soothing Summer

When it is scorching outside with the heat of summer, it is necessary that you have a space in your home that is soothing and comfortable enough for you so that you can cook for a long time there. That is why preparing our kitchen for summer is necessary. If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen anytime soon, then summer is the best time for you too. Given the comfort, the weather and the vacations, you will be able to make time for the whole project. Now, the question is how you will be able to prepare your kitchen for the upcoming season of heat light and freshness.

Summer is the time when the morning starts with the cheerful weather. But with the day passing, it becomes pretty difficult to stay outside as the temperature starts rising rapidly. In such weather, you surely look for a soothing place. Hence, it is necessary to have a soothing kitchen too so that when you will be cooking for longer hours, it will be easier for you to remain there. How can you prepare your kitchen for summer? Take a look at the following points for more inspiration.

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A Cheerful Decor

Make your kitchen look bright and cheerful this summer. The first and foremost thing that you need to do is, clean the windows that have been covered with frost and snow. If you have kept the window blocked all along, then it is high time. Remove the block and let the natural light pour in. It will make the kitchen bright and cheerful. To go with it, opt for white or neutral shade on the wall of your kitchen. If you are thinking of adding more to the charm, you can add greenery in your kitchen window garden so that the sun and the green can give your kitchen a refreshing look. It is necessary to make a kitchen look really cheerful as it will have a direct effect on the mind of the person who will be working in the kitchen for hours. How? If you are entering a kitchen with a shabby look and vibe, it will affect your mood which eventually will keep you from cooking happily. But a cheerful decor will make you or your spouse much excited about the time that he or she will be spending in the kitchen.

Stunning Cabinetry


To create the perfect look for your summer kitchen, you need to choose the perfect cabinetry too. For example, if you are looking for monochromic design, then go for white shaker kitchen cabinets. The white color will go well with the white decor. When you are decking up a kitchen for summer, the color white will go beautifully as it will magnify the theme a lot while complementing the whole decor. If you are thinking that monochrome will look boring as it is all about one particular color, then the shaker style cabinetry will add up to a certain texture in your kitchen. If you are looking for a way to add a character, it is better to think of choosing darker hues like cherry wood cabinets that will create an interesting contrast. Cherry is a natural wood that becomes darker the more it ages. So, when you are using cherry wood for your cabinetry, it will anyway become darker with time. As a result, your cabinets won’t look dull in the future. Rather the darker hue will create the timeless striking contrast that will make your kitchen look warm and glamorous. Floor tile patterns kitchen for beautiful look.

Throw In Some Color


To give the last touch up to the perfect decor of your kitchen, indulge in some color splash. Though it won’t create much of visual contrast, yet the juxtaposition of a traditional or warm decor with the colorful quirkiness will certainly do some wonder with the decor of your kitchen? When you are decking up your kitchen, add some color in it. Think of adding a colorful area rug on the floor. There is numerous type of Mexican rugs are available in the market which can give the oriental magic touch in the decor while you can stick to the tradition for the rest. The glamour will surely complement the look beautifully.  Or you can think of pop color cushion covers. If there is a counter surrounded by bar stool or a couch near the window, add green, yellow or tangerine on the cushion.

So, now as you know about making your kitchen stunning for this summer, what are you waiting for? Hire a designer and plan the decor.  Implement the ideas that I have mentioned here in your planning. In fact, you can also think of improvising these ideas. Take input from the designer or do some bit of research. You can use your own creative touches too. Will all these, you will surely make a kitchen that will be worth a million praises. Thank me later! For details on RTA kitchen cabinets, see my other blogs.

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