Tips and Trick for Chicken Dinner pubg mobile game

PUBG Game Lover: Tips and Trick for Chicken Dinner


In the last months, we hear a lot about PUBG. In Social Media, there are the latest memes about PUBG. If only a few of you know what the PUBG is, I’ll tell you it’s a video game. PUBG entered the game world like a storm and became a trend play in just a few hours. The main plot of this game is based on a single survivor. The players fight each other for ammunition and supplies. The last standing man wins the game. Read various PUBG game tips and tricks for chicken dinner.

There is not just one or two tricks for PUBG Mobile. But there are also many that are founded daily, and you need to be updated daily with new tricks. This is the simple way I read the Tricks tutorial from here Try these tricks, you will never ask this question again.

Get Best Performance for PUBG Mobile:

1] Select Best Server:

So the first step in PUBG Mobile is choosing the best server for your game. Always choose the server that is near you. Since the servers in PUBG Mobile are now based on continents, select your server based on where you live.

The main reason for this is that a player selects a server far from his play area. He has to face boring game-play because the ping is higher due to the distance network. So select the server that has the lowest ping value when selecting a server.

2] Setting up graphics:

After the step, you’ll need to select graphics for your mobile device. If your smartphone is a high-end flagship, you can choose high-quality graphics as the game becomes less boring.

As a flagship class, smartphones have better chip-sets and more RAM to handle rich graphics from PUBG Mobile. But if you have a low-specification smartphone, specifically an Android phone. Then you have to set the graph to low setting. It helps you to get less game-play.

3] Adjusting the buttons and sensitivity:

Pubg control

Another important change in PUBG Mobile is the customization of the on-screen buttons. You can do this by going to settings and then controls. Tap Customize to change the size of the buttons. It can really help you with fast action game-play or close talks. Sometimes you can miss the fire button and be late to shoot an enemy player and die first. So you need to change the button size to improve the game and improve your attacks.

Tips while Game play

1] PUBG parachute tips

landing in pubg

I’ll start this thing with the PUBG tips that relate to the first and most important element of the game, the location of your drop. In PUBG Map, putting it down to the place you want to drop is not as easy as it looks, as if a bunch of other components was being used. Including the speed, range, and trajectory of the drop plane. If you want to master these skills, read our PUBG skydiving tips.

As soon as the ejection aircraft starts its course, open the map and decide where to throw off. However, before doing so, keep in mind that relegation to risk areas can be quite difficult for newcomers to the game. Therefore, I recommend you to search for places like Gatka and Mylta, because the risk is a bit lower and you find all the core elements.

2] PUBG Landing Tips

Now that you’ve landed successfully, you may be wondering what to do. Now the biggest mistake you make at PUBG is here. In order to have a successful game, you must follow some guidelines to increase the chances of survival in the first few minutes of the game. Take a look at our PUBG landing tips below:

Avoid early contact. If you see someone in the same group of buildings, do not interfere, you must turn away instead of rushing to the enemy, hoping to kill him. The reason for this is the fact that he has a lead, meaning that he will probably get a gun in his hands before he hits you.

Landing in low-risk areas also has benefits because there is less chance of confronting other players at an early stage. However, there are also disadvantages, as the prey in such places is quite limited. So pick up anything you can, gun or melee weapon.

Look for clues when searching for other players. When players attack homes in search of prey, they will almost always open doors and pick up ammunition. So if you come to a place with open doors and weapons without ammunition, you should keep an eye on it, as some have already invaded and may still be in the same area.

3] Shooting Tips

shooting in pubg

Now is the time to read the most important part of this guide to PUBG tips and tricks. It is the one who refers to the only things that stand between you and your death. It’s time for the PUBG shooting tips. PUBG is a survival game in which the last person gets the chicken eating at its peak. However, you cannot do this without killing at least one person. In the end, your goal counts the most. If you are the one who has difficulty reaching the right destination, do not worry. I have you back. Take a look at our PUBG tips for targeting

Play smart ways and avoid plunging into battle. Stay tuned and look for the perfect game that sometimes makes you run away from fighting. Since killing is only part of the game, you should focus on survival. In other words, take a fight that you know you will surely win. If you extend the previous PUBG tips, wait for the perfect shot. Whether it’s a sniper rifle or a shotgun, do not go all out. Wait for the perfect moment when you are sure you will land a shot.

Tipping is generally always a compulsion that needs to be followed by everyone. Find your own tricks that are only for you and combine them with general tips. Watch as you become a unique player that is different from the rest.

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