Most Effective SEO Technique in 2019 to Increase Traffic

Most Effective SEO Technique in 2019 to Increase Traffic

As per the latest update come from MOZ bar, DP will Decrease up to 46%. Now a Day to make backlink is not enough. You must try to make the difference to rank your site in google.  To increase your DA you must gain the traffic ratio to your site. Google algorithm is frequently changed so it’s very important to know how to increase traffic to your site and make some extras gain and rank to google.  Apart from this various method for you to rank your website and increase your views. Read in detail the most effective SEO technique in 2019 to increase the traffic.

As compare to the last few years, there are so many factors that affect the site for google ranking. Various Factor you should follow now a day in a perfect way so it easy way to rank it in google in the long run.

1-Increase User experience

Let’s start with a brief explanation of what Google should do here. As with any search engine, they want to see the best results for a user query. When users are greeted with a list of irrelevant low-quality results, they are no longer used. By the way, Google does that very well, which is why they are by far the largest search engine in the world.

You need to think about the constant desire for best results when optimizing your website for SEO. Why? The answer is simple: if your website is not high quality, you have a difficult job ranking for your target keywords.

No one wants to end up on a spam website that takes years to load, right? This will inevitably lead to a high bounce rate.

2-Voice Search

Did you know that 50% of all searches will be done by a voice next year? That’s right: half of all people who go to Google do not submit their requests – they use a voice-based device to do the work for them.

If you think this is not something you need to incorporate into your SEO strategy, then you’re wrong. Voice Seekers have a different behavior to text seekers, and the devices they use data from SERPs to respond to information from the snippet field presented.

3- Long-Tail Keywords

Moz has found that voice-seekers use long-tail keywords when searching for information through Google. These terms include more than three words:

In order to have a chance at ranking for longer keywords, you need to use this process to create content that targets your website

Write a comprehensive blog post that’s 10x better than anything already rated for those long-tail keywords.

  • Remember to format the content for readability.
  • Promote your content like crazy.
  • Identify a long-tail keyword using this guide
  • Find 2-5 other relevant keywords
  • Watch as your content starts to tend.
  • Create backlinks to your blog post

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4- Target Audience

The type of content you create depends entirely on your audience. The better you know their thoughts, age, interests, etc., the better the content you create. Without knowing your audience, you can create content for all of these topics. You will not gain readers or good rankings because you can not satisfy all three with a single content optimized for such a broad term.

By creating shoppers who describe in detail the common characteristics of your ideal customers, you can better focus on topics that are of concern to your readers while minimizing the chances of creating content that does not deliver results.

5-Research Keywords

Confused why we list keyword research as an SEO technique when we told you to focus on topic clusters rather than keywords? Because keywords are still important.

Organizing content is very important. However, it is a mistake to completely ignore keywords because they serve as a guide to Google’s spiders, signal topics, and provide clues about the nature of the site’s content.

With Google Ads, which hides these results, it is now difficult for marketers to find accurate search volume data. However, there are a number of tricks and tools that help marketers find topics and volume data, including:

6-Guest Posting

Post the post on the best target blog with high page rankings that you can expect to get a lot of real traffic. An important part of guest blogging increases with increasing traffic to your website. This connection sends high-quality traffic to your website after someone has read your blog post. An increase in website traffic means that more visitors visit your website to find out about your services.

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7-Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is not as popular as it used to be, but it’s still a great way to bring traffic to your website. Depending on your niche, you can research websites such as Reddit, StumbleUpon,, and publish the best content to promote your content.

8-Question answer

You get a good amount of traffic from question and answer websites. Join the websites and search for questions, give helpful answers to all questions. Do not forget to include your blog link at the bottom of the reply. You can use websites like Yahoo Answers, Quora, etc.

9-Infographic Submission

The submission of an infographic is the latest and most effective technique used for the purpose of search engine optimization via social media. Infographics are essentially a kind of graphical representation that represents information or is integrated into data.

10- Creating Shareable Content

Creating amazing and shareable content is a smart way to generate more and more natural backlinks to our website or blog. Search frequently and keep your content up to date.

11- Video Submission

Video broadcasting is a process in which you submit your videos to video-broadcasting sites to get high-quality backlinks. In addition, video submission sites are very effective in increasing brand awareness and promoting a brand.

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12- Directory Submission

Directory submission will list your blog or website in various web directories or directories. There are a number of web directories that are available for free and for a fee over the Internet. Before you submit your website, you should review the domain and page permissions of the directory website. DA / PA helps you to ensure that directories are of high quality. The directory should be cached and indexed quickly. There are many online directories that contain spam links that are of no value to your website. Google Penguin penalizes your website if you submit your website to these directories.

Here we can give you some important technique to gain traffic to your site in a short period of time. Some other techniques are also you can use like PPT submission, PDF submission, Profile Creation and so on. By using these things for your site I hope it will defiantly work and help your site to increase viewers.

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