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Types of Skip Bins and Their Applications

Waste management is a concern that every nation needs to consider seriously. Proper removal and disposal of waste are essential for countries to offer their citizens a clean and hygienic environment. Every state has made recycling and reuse facilities to dispose of the waste that can be reused or recycled.

Recycling and reusing reduce the waste considerably, but still, there is a large amount of garbage in every city that needs to be disposed of in the landfills. For proper disposal of the waste, we need skip bins and services that can help us collect and transfer the trash to the landfills.

Skip bins are large containers used for storage and disposal of residential and commercial waste. People throw the garbage in these bins, and the service providers use their vehicles to transfer waste to the landfill and dumping grounds.

The skip bins are not limited to the household bins, but there are also bins for commercial and industrial waste. There are a variety of containers available in all sized that companies use to dispose of different types of waste.

Marrel Skip Bins

The marrel skip bins are the most common type of containers used for disposal of household and commercial waste. These bins are tall and are usually difficult to load and unload from a vehicle as compared to other types of containers. Due to the short length, they don’t need space more than a small car.

They are available in the sizes from 2 m3 to 17 m3 and come with wheelbarrow access. It needs lifting by chains attached to the hydraulic arms of a truck that lowers it off for disposal in a landfill.

Hook-lift Skip Bins

Hook lift skip bins are another common type of containers use for household and commercial waste. They are longer than the usual marrel skip bins and lower on the sides. They are rectangular and available in size ranging from 4 m3  to 30 m3.

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They have a distinctive rear door that users can swing open to access the bin. The back door is given for the easy loadng of waste into the container. Hooklift bins are usually used for collection and disposal of industrial and commercial waste. However, people also hire them for disposal of large amounts of household waste.

Mobile Skip Bins

The mobile skip bins are the latest type of containers and are smaller than all other types of bins. They are perfect to use in the hard to reach locations such as office blocks, inside garages, underground parking. Also known as mini skip bins, they are usually used on the roadsides for disposal and collection of waste.

The primary benefit of mobile skip bins is that you can move them to the rubbish rather than moving the waste towards the container. They look similar to the front lift bins seen in the industries and factories. The mobile skip bins are available in the size of 3 m3 to 6 m3. However, the mobile skip bins are used only for light types of waste such as general waste, light green waste, and light construction waste such as dry timber.

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Skip bags

Skip bags are unique types of bins as they are not made of solid steel like other types. They are a cost-effective alternative to different kinds of containers. You can ask the service provider to install the skip bag at our house. You can use it as long as you want and the company removes the waste periodically.

However, you cannot use them for disposal of bulky waste as it can tear the skip bag due to excess weight. Some service providers allow the user to set the frequency of removal and charge accordingly. You can keep the skip bag at your place as long as you want and use them for home waste or garden waste. Suitable for small areas they do not harm the pathways or driveways while transferring the garbage out of the house.

Applications of Skip Bins

Household disposal

Household waste is the most common type of waste for which people use the skip bins. Marrel and hook lift skip bins are used for the collection and disposal of daily household waste. The service providers install these bins at a place that is accessible by all the homes subscribing the service.

Garden Waste

Most houses in cities have a garden whether small or large. They need to dispose of the garden waste every other day if not daily. The garden waste contains the grass, leaves, tree branches and dead plants that come under biodegradable waste.

White goods

Every home has electronic items that become outdated after a few years like computers and cell phones. The electronic appliances come under white goods as they are recyclable. Electronic products that are outdated and are of no also need proper disposal. The waste management companies separate them from other waste and send them to the recycling facilities.

Construction waste

The construction waste is the crap that comes while constructing or renovating a home or a part of a house. You can choose a bin depending on the amount of garbage that you need to dispose of daily. The charges for construction waste are higher than regular household waste. Companies use builder bins to collect construction and renovation waste. Companies in Wollongong offer the builders bins Wollongong in all sizes for the collection of construction waste.

Office waste

Offices dispose of a considerable amount of waste daily that needs proper disposal in the landfills. The office waste contains papers, electronics, and many other items. Business can use the type of bin depending on their size and the amount of waste that needs disposal. Most of the office waste is recyclable and degradable.

Final words

These were the types of skip bins and their applications for disposal of household and commercial waste. Now as you know about the kinds of skip bins and wastes, you can choose the right type of waste disposal service for your home or office depending on your requirements.

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