Swiss Lotto – How to Play & Win

Swiss Lotto : How to Play and Win in Perfect way?

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a millionaire? If yes, Swiss Lotto can provide you with the perfect opportunity! 

Operating from the beautiful country of Switzerland, Swiss lotto is hailed as one of the most popular international lotteries. Having opened its coffers in 1970, the lotto has made massive strides across different geographies. Today, it is as well-received in Singapore as it is in the United States of America, thereby giving the game a truly cosmopolitan outlook. 

The classic lottery system of Swiss lotto chooses around 20 to 30 millionaires every year. And, these are tip of the iceberg. Eight other prizes are handed out every week, the winning amount for which ranges from CHF 10 or INR 710 to CHF 1,400,000 or INR 1 crore. With more than 3,000 sales outlets across the world, Swiss Lotto is currently considered to be a highly accessible and exciting game.

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How To Play Swiss Lotto?

Playing Swiss Lotto requires a certain amount of diligence and craft. Here is what you need to do: 

  • To begin with, you must determine if you are eligible to play the lottery. For this, you should be at least 18 years old and should have a minimum balance of CHF 5 or INR 350 in your bank account.
  • Once this is determined, choose a number between the range of 1 and 43. Make sure that you pick numbers which are unique or hold a special value for you.
  • If all the six numbers that you selected are drawn in the lottery, you will hit the jackpot. However, even if your numbers do not match, you will still stand a chance to win. All you need is a set of three correct numbers. These will be sufficient to land you a spot on the prize list.
  • And, it doesn’t end here. A random number between 1 to 13 would be printed on your lotto ticket. Swiss Lotto refers to this number as ‘Replay’. If the Replay number on your ticket matches with any one of the winning numbers, you can claim an absolutely free entry to future lotto draws.

The Swiss Lotto is usually drawn twice a week. Nonetheless, if you can’t access the Lotto outlets physically, you have the option of playing the game online. One of the most reliable and secure places to play Swiss Lotto over the internet is Lottoland

Why Lottoland?

A world leader in offering international lotteries, Lottoland, The Land of Lotto is the worldwide hub for the online gaming industry. By helping people bet on casino games, scratchcards, and sweepstakes, the platform gives them an opportunity to transform their lives. This is precisely why its popularity in recent times has grown by leaps and bounds. 

Nonetheless, there is some good news. After providing a ray of hope and a stroke of joy to millions of people throughout the world, the reputed and regulated site is finally venturing into India! Now, you too can play fascinating games like Swiss Lotto right from the comfort of your homes. So, let go of all your inhibitions and live a new normal because, with Lottoland, happiness is coming to India.

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