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Tips to take care of born baby for Better Health

Taking care of a new born is very difficult task. This is because the way the newborn is looked after will determine his health in the future. Therefore, there should be no compromise when dealing with newborns. Basically, women giving birth to their first baby have different difficulties in dealing with them. This article was written to help these mothers best treat their newborns. The following discussion will help you to show the best parental care for your lovable babies. This will help to the new mother for best take care of her new born baby.

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Many women are the least interested in breastfeeding in this scenario. It should be noted, however, that this is not the right idea. If you feed the newborn longer, the immunity will increase more. It should be noted that breastfeeding mothers should make sure their breasts are not sore. You can try a cold pack or a warm compress to remove clogged channels.

Keep the child warm


Immediately after birth, it is important to keep the child warm. Dry well with a cloth after birth and make sure it is covered from head to toe. Laying the baby on the breast or the belly of the mother is a good option to get the necessary warmth. It’s also a good idea to cover your mother and baby with a blanket.


diaper for new baby

It should be noted that the skin of newborns is very soft and sensitive. Therefore, the diaper should be changed more often. Due to negligence, some people leave the diaper unchanged throughout the day. It should be noted that such carelessness affects baby skin more.

Keep your newborn in proper way

Keep your newborn in proper way

It is very important to make sure that you support the baby’s head and neck with one hand while holding it. This is because their neck muscles are not yet strong enough to keep their heads independent. The spine also grows and gets stronger. The neck can support the head only after 3 months alone. Therefore, take care of your baby’s head and neck while you look after a newborn baby

Umbilical stump care

An important aspect of neonatal care in the 1st month is the care of the umbilical stump. Do not bathe your baby in the first 2-3 weeks. Instead, give her a sponge bath with lukewarm water. Keep the navel area clean and dry. Keep the baby diaper folded so that the stump can dry. Disinfect your hands before touching the navel area. Use a damp cloth to clean and dry with a clean, absorbent cloth. Watch for signs of infection around the umbilical stump. For redness, swelling, smelly discharge or pus and hemorrhages in the umbilical region bring the baby to a pediatrician.

Proper Bathing

proper bath baby

To clean the neonates, mild soap and wipes should be used. There are several types of baby products on the market that can be used to bathe newborns. The best of these products should be used for babies. The use of unbranded products should be strictly avoided, as it may have negative effects on the skin. If possible, the proposal can be considered by experts in the selection of the best products for newborns.

Check the heartbeats of babies

new born baby heartbeat

A doctor always checks the baby’s pulse shortly after birth. 100 BPM is considered the usual heart rate of a newborn. If the pulse is lower, the baby can be artificially ventilated on the advice of a doctor. It is very easy to assess the heartbeats of the newborn, even without a pediatric stethoscope.


baby message

Massaging is a great way to connect with your baby. It also helps to bring the baby to sleep and improve blood circulation and digestion. Apply a small amount of baby oil or lotion to your hands. Next, caress her body gently and rhythmically. Keep eye contact with the baby and talk to him as you massage his body. A good time to massage the baby is before the bath.

Cut nails

baby Nail cutting

Newborn nails are growing very fast. The baby can scratch his face or body with his hand movements. Therefore, it is important that the baby’s nails remain erect. Since a baby’s nails are soft, use baby nail clippers. Try to cut the nails carefully when the baby is sleeping. Do not cut it too deeply, as the nails are very tender and it can be painful for the baby. Do not cut off the edges of the nails, as this leads to ingrown nails.

New parents should seek the help of family or friends so they can rest and take care of themselves. First-time parents of a newborn can be quite at a loss as to various aspects of neonatal care. This article helps new mothers take care of their newborns.

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