Terrorism Be together to fight against them to make world peaceful

Terrorism: Be together to fight against them to make world peaceful


One View:

Terrorism is a word that has filled a large part of the world with fear. The historic events, which are interspersed with time, have left a deep wound. The repetition of recent events did not help either. But lovable is the suffering of the victims. This made me wonder what could possibly be the reason. The world has experienced rapid change. This change has changed the way the world was in the 19th century. The only thing that has remained constant over the years is the change, be it the shift from the horse-drawn carriage to the railroad or the shifting of hand-sewn garments to a mechanized issue of garments. But in spite of the change, as human beings, we are constantly embracing change, or is there an innate sense of staying firm without staggering in the face of rapid change? We live in a world where certain support systems are carefully matched. If we change a pillar radically, we have to make sure the other pillars are in balance to absorb the change. First, be together is the way we can fight against it and make the world together.

As the technology changes quickly, the transition to a new untested area occurs. People’s insecurity prevents them from adapting quickly. The tendency is to stick to something that remains stable despite this volatility. The simplest option seems to be religion or nationalism. This is a field that has remained the same over time or even if it has changed, the deviation was not equivalent to the change in world preferences. In my opinion, religious extremism is a manifestation of this inability to accept rapid changes in one’s life. Terrorism is in some ways an attempt to validate a person’s life in a global context and to make his presence felt. Whenever an attack is carried out in any part of the world, there is a terrorist group that blames it.

It often seems like a gimmick in which an organization just wants to take responsibility. If this is not the case, we continue to persuade people and arrange isolated incidents of terrorism, regardless of whether this was the case or not. I felt that and did not necessarily have to be true. I think that because terrorism is rooted more as a psychological aspect, the reparation of the problem should be done in a similar way. As mentioned by Sir, it is daunting that hardly any effort is made to engage non-violently with terrorists. All terrorists are in the long run reasonable and logical. It’s a lot more complex than what it seems to be because it’s about the psychological aspect. People need to find new ways to deal with terrorists. Hatred cannot kill hate. The world needs to unite if a solution is to be found to deal with terrorism.

Alternative Views:

Today, most countries are victims of terrorism. We all suffer because we do not follow any basic values. The long-term solution to terrorism is self-confidence and the purpose of life. We all try to find the solution outside of our country and accuse each other. India accuses Pakistan and Pakistan accuses India. We do not contribute to our next birth except our self-esteem, these are spiritual values, and we cannot take any assets such as the home, car, real estate, land, nationality or our children, parents, wife, relatives, and friends. Even we do not carry our faith and faith. If you are born in a Hindu family, you will develop beliefs and belief in Hinduism, and if you are born into another Islamic family, you will develop beliefs and beliefs in the rites and rituals of that community. There is a possibility that your next birth may be in a different community than in this life. If you accumulate wealth for your children and have not taught the right values, there is a chance your children will use the wealth for wrongdoing. In short, we bear nothing if we die except for our actions.

Countries like the US speak of peace and the trade in arms and ammunition to raise money. When you sell weapons and ammunition, you sell violence and one day the same people to whom you sell ammunition will take the path of violence against you if something goes against their own interests. The best-known terrorist organizations like ISIS. Terrorism in the Indian subcontinent began because of some people who wanted to govern us in the name of the religions. India was a big family, but some leaders agreed to share India. Like two brothers, they were separated on behalf of East Pakistan and West Pakistan from Mother India. So many innocent lives were lost. You have made an emotional decision to govern us, and today we all pay the price. The separation plan was made by the British to reduce our strength, and some political leaders supported this to gain power and ministership. The British always followed the politics of division and domination. In revenge, they left India after dividing it between Muslims and Hindus. Today, most of our politicians follow the same formula. They share us in the name of religion, caste, faith, community, language, and regions. Most people involved in terrorist activities are misleading adolescents. They sell their lives for little money due to poverty. Most of us are in a reactive mode.


Most of us make an emotional decision. Emotional decisions can never give a long-term solution. In an emotional decision, you try to support someone you are emotionally connected to and rob the other. If you want to make a better decision, you need to be alert as reactive. Everyone is right with their perception. You do whatever you feel right for your perception. Fighting is not a solution, and fighting can never be the long-term solution to terrorism. The long-term solution is to create awareness and create awareness in each individual in order to achieve a long-term solution. Do we know the cause and let terrorism be eliminated from the root. Otherwise, if we want to prune branches, the terrorism tree grows with different branches.

In the end, I hope everyone contributes to fight against it and make the world become more peaceful. Let’s be together and share your views below comment box.

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